Golden United Development


 We are a well established name in the industry engaged in providing effecient constructionservices that are performed using qualitative raw materials and that are well appreciated by our clients for their reliability and timely completion. Moreover, we are also engaged in the manufacturing of a range of scaffolds that are fabricated using high quality raw materials that are durable and corrosion resistant.

Our scale of construction services encompasses:

Concrete Construction Services

Our team of construction professionals and frontline concrete crews provide the technical expertise and knowledge in the production and placement of concrete that is carried through from project to project regardless of complexity and intricacy. All of our concrete placement services are performed by a fleet of sophisticated concrete placement equipment and a network of portable premix concrete plants.

Structural Construction Services

Our experienced structural crews are trained to meet the demands of construction relating to today’s sophisticated design of bridges and elevated structures. Our structural expertise is not limited to new construction but also includes the rehabilitation of concrete structures. Regardless of size and scope, every project is fully staffed with a knowledgeable structures expert to ensure that all structures are built at an optimal level of quality and safety.



Excavation & Underground Construction Services

Our experience with large complex underground service contracts, land development contracts and the construction of new roadways has enhanced our expertise in earth moving and underground services. We have acquired an extensive fleet of large and small scale earth moving equipment which has given us the versatility to facilitate the requirements of any project.

Asphalt Construction Services

As a complement to our expertise in concrete placement, our asphalt construction services have also evolved to provide the same quality and expertise in the placement of asphalt. We can accommodate asphalt paving projects of varying size and scope. In addition, our paving crews can perform asphalt paving operations in remote areas with the ability to transport portable asphalt plants directly to the project location


 Environmental Construction Services

Our continued dedication to the environment and our strong commitment towards sustainable development resulted in the development of comprehensive environmental services, which include landfill reclamation and rehabilitation, and the manufacturing and sale of recycled granular materials.


Design Build Construction Services

Our extensive experience and expertise in the construction management of large scale infrastructure projects has allowed us to take our first steps to becoming an industry leader in the area of Design / Build, with a track record of having participated in some of the largest and most complex projects in the country. 


Heavy Civil Construction

We seek to gain  leadership in the Civil Construction market. Projects in this market have included award winning infrastructure projects such as highway construction, Concrete Paving, bridge construction, and structural rehabilitation. Where we have been recognized for our civil construction market is the largest most which includes structural and highway construction, concrete paving using slip form and conventional forming, airport runways and taxiways paving, and infrastructure maintenance and rehabilitation.


Commercial & Industrial Construction

Our Commercial & Industrial market has evolved to include many large site servicing, parking lot expansions for major commercial & industrial institutions.


Land Development Construction

Construction’s private Land Development Market has evolved significantly over the years. Projects have ranged in size from small private land developments to large housing developments that have included site cut and fill operations, site grading, underground services and new road construction.


Health and Safety:

Occupational health and safety (OHS) is our first priority. We are committed to a healthy working environment for all our employees, subcontractors and construction and the public. Our company has an established health and safety program related to on-field and administrative operation. 

Our Health and Safety program includes elements that encompass a wide range of safety issues. Ongoing training, communication and safety reviews are part of our comprehensive safety regime. The OHS management system provides risk assessment, safe work procedures and the implementation of a job observation program.

Our employees have, over the years, participated in industry safety programs and have shared best practices with members of various construction associations.


Civil Construction Services:

We offer a comprehensive range of civil construction services, be it for commercial buildings or residential buildings. One among them is also the construction of concrete roads. These civil construction services are performed by workers having expertise in their respective fields.

Design / Building

Our Design / Building portfolio has grown over the years, projects have included large municipal and heavy civil infrastructure projects.

Landscape Design Services

Our portfolio of landscape design services also includes road and landscaping designs that are performed keeping in mind the specific requirements of our clients. We perform landscaping using diverse material such as natural stones and marbles and to construct pathways and staircase, among others. Our landscape design services are believed to become widely in demand in homes, corporate offices, villas, bungalows and hotels in no time, since they are performed by qualified professionals having vast knowledge of the process.

Commercial Projects

We provide construction and commercial projects for various educational and commercial projects. Incorporated with all world-class facilities such as open parking area, service terrace, land scaping, gym hall, cable and security system, guard room, overhead water tank, swimming pool, barbeque, service office as well as partly slanted roof, these commercial projects are renowned for their excellent finish and timely completion. Moreover, the facilities provided also include underground cabling for internet and telephone.

Commercial Construction Services

We offer commercial construction services in our endeavor to provide our clients with a perfect décor, be it for commercial complexes, showrooms or any other place; we spend a lot of time with our clients, in order to understand their ideal vision.  In our commercial construction services, customized interior design & decoration services are offered to help our clients make their products stand out and become more appealing to their customers.


 Structural Residential Engineering Services

  • Preparation of structural drawings (AutoCAD)
  • Red-line markups on architectural drawings (showing structural information)
  • Letters for building permit applications                                                                    
  • Site reviews/reports Consultations                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              




Inspection services to prospective owners as well as contractors. The goal of inspections is to achieve code compliance and facilitate construction. Our inspection services include the following;

  • Foundations (formwork, reinforcing bars, excavations, underpinning)
  • Wood Structures
  • Masonry
  • Steel Framing
  • Concrete Structures

 Scaffold Services

We offer a wide range of high quality scaffold services props or shoring props that are widely applicable in the construction sector. Our scaffold services are manufactured of premium quality raw material, these scaffolds can be customized as per the specific requirements of our clients

Building Construction Services

We offer a comprehensive range of building construction services that are supervised by industry experts who ensure that superior quality construction material is used for building construction services. Various methodological activities are performed to complete the task in a

short span of time.

Our activities include:

·         Locating the building site

·         Investigation regarding its legal status

·         Documentation

·         Finalization of the deal

·         Designing & construction

·         Finishing and furnishing


Pool Construction Services

We offer pool construction services with a first class design & construction service for both reinforced concrete, with a tiled finish or ferrow concrete swimming pools. We also use the Gunite method as it offers the ultimate in strength & freedom of design; we are able to design fiber glass pools as well.

Our designer and engineers are more than capable of providing the pool of our clients’ choice with their expertise and experience. Right from the concept design to the installation our clients are offered all pool construction services at their convenience. Given the space and layout constraints by our clients we can provide onsite construction and installation in as short a duration as possible.


Shed Construction Services

 We offer our clients shed construction services with RCC sheds and Tin sheds ranging from an area of 5000 square feet to 50,000 square feet applicable for all kinds of industries. They are built in complete accordance with the various factories and Industrial regulation acts. We offer our shed construction services as per customer's requirements.


Turnkey Projects

These turnkey projects are supervised by our team of experts having vast industrial experience and can be customized as per the specific requirements of our clients. Our projects are appreciated by our clients for their reliability and timely completion.


Plants, Equipment and Technology

The Construction’s commitment to innovation is exemplified by our extensive network with sophisticated plants employing the latest technologies, and state-of-the art expertly managed equipment fleet.

Our fleet includes specialized concrete pavers, earth moving scraper fleet, excavators, cranes, rock trucks and slip-form equipment. Our partner plant network consists of several fixed and portable asphalt plants and two processing and recycling operations. We work side to side with  a network of portable concrete and asphalt plants that allow us to offer customized and continuous on-site service, wherever our customers’ projects may be located.

In addition, our Construction’s team of skilled mechanics follows an extensive equipment maintenance regime and performs regular maintenance on each piece of equipment at our own equipment repair shop, to ensure that each piece of equipment is working at the optimal level.


Quality Control

 Our Construction’s Quality Control Department has taken an innovative approach to quality management, where services are provided on an integrated basis across two functional areas. The Engineering group (Quality Control Administrators) ensures compliance with our internal quality management system throughout the project’s lifecycle. The Technical group leads through innovative designs in asphaltic and Portland cement concrete mixtures and rigorous process control methodologies. This integration results in a superior quality product and service mix offered to our customers. 

Slip Stone Extruded Wall System

This ground-breaking new technology automates the process of impressing patterns on slip formed walls creating aesthetic appeal while reducing placement and labor costs.  With a rich, standard palette of available colors and patterns, this versatile system is also fully customizable, capable of creating custom patterns, logos and graphics to suite different types of projects.  The versatility of the system also allows patterns to be impressed onto both sides of a slip formed wall, providing an all round aesthetic appeal.  This system has been designed to provide a wide range of applications ranging from highway traffic barriers and gateways, to retaining walls, subdivision and perimeter walls and architectural facings.

Hi-Load Shoring System

Large structure false work and formwork is easily  assembled in modules as opposed to conventional   systems of frame to frame construction. The system is more efficient than conventional scaffold systems, resulting in reduced costs.

The system allows for deck formwork to be lowered in modules through the use of a sophisticated jacking system.

The system minimizes risk exposure of working at heights, and requires a reduced number of assembly workers.

The system's ease of assembly and disassembly has contributed to the acceleration of the project schedule.


Project Management Consultancy

We provide project management consultancy to our clients with the essential and valuable services of consultancy & supervision for the construction of various industrial buildings. These project management.

Consultancy services are designed in accordance with the details provided by our clients and are huge in area. In order to avoid the presence of any kind of pollution or environmental hazard to the city, these industrial buildings are built outside the main city.


Chemical Coating Services

We are partners with the one of the best chemical coating companies worldwide. Our clients can avail from us excellent chemical coating services comprising of industrial primers and coatings used for general purpose and of superior quality. Our chemical coating services are available in a wide variety of colors, these chemical coating services can be customized as per the requirements of our clients and in any quantity as specified by them.