Golden United Development

company overview


Rich in tradition and experiences, our company rises to new heights of performance and years of skill in the construction and engineering industry, both domestic and international.

We assist customers from conception to completion personalizing each project with tailored designs to meet individual needs and bring their ideas to fruition. We work with our customers to ensure that they have a complete understanding of the construction process and employ professional craftsmen and tradesmen who take pride in their daily craft. We use suppliers who have worked with us on many projects providing quality materials and have a specialized team that is capable of handling any sized projects; they are professional and are focused on giving the client excellent service and quality workmanship.

We are committed to integrity, respecting the highest ethics, performance excellence, and reliability, all of which are key components to the success of the company. Our management technique was formulated from years of hard work in the field, long nights of painstaking trials to apprehend the best strategies of decision making, and from the hours and hours spent on innovation and incorporation of creativity with all its aspects into our diurnal affairs. As we thrive for distinction, we’re dedicated to delivering superior custom, value, safety and environment friendly construction to improve the quality of life in the communities where we work and to develop trusted and long enduring relationships with the countries in which we operate.

Understanding the key importance of timing to the process, we adhere to strict deadlines through a highly coordinated process of scheduling, rapid information turnaround, and accountability.

Our collaborative approach ensures the integrity of your program and design, while providing quality, cost-effective solutions. We work closely with owners and design professionals to build productivity enhancing environments that respond efficiently to shifting business strategies.

We provide greater specialization and market flexibility for we aim to emerge as a leading public and private contractor respected for construction and development as well as historic preservation; We have maintained the original values of integrity, accountability, and passion for the work we do.

This is the way our company takes all that we do to the highest level. It represents our core belief to constantly strive to maximize our performance and value to please our customers and investors. We are confident that someday very soon we will be one of the global leaders in the construction industry.

By utilizing our globally recognized construction technology, we will contribute to humanity by harmonizing nature and life.