Golden United Development



The company's vision is to maintain and strengthen the core of the engineering business. The company aids in the development of new skills and activities to be able to respond to the changing needs of our clients. We are committed to enhance worldwide reputation in all sectors to be able to build superior value by competitive advantages.

We strongly believe in the guiding principles for our employees for they have developed our business unit mission and strategic objectives in line with the strategic role we play in construction industry.

Our goal is to be a strategic resource while being a year round profitable construction service to our customers in the field of heavy engineering construction and also to be competent in concrete placing. We look forward to meeting customer needs by offering a wide range of construction services at the best values in market and to maintain annual growth to offer challenge, opportunity and advancement for our employees.

We emphasize personal attention and strive to make the construction process both creative and enjoyable. Our mission is to create structures that are both physically functional, aesthetically pleasuring, spiritually uplifting and will stand the test of time.

Our focus continues on site development, a field of work where can provide solution management and set a great job performance to a wide range of application since our expertise, quality, craftsmanship, ethical business practices, and satisfactory approaches are warranted and ready to be at your services.